HENOSOPHIA le monde spirituel

Et maintenant, homme de rien, fuis un moment tes occupations, cache-toi un peu de tes pensées tumultueuses. Rejette maintenant tes pesants soucis, et remets à plus tard tes tensions laborieuses. Vaque quelque peu à Dieu, et repose-toi quelque peu en Lui. Entre dans la cellule de ton âme, exclus tout hormis Dieu et ce qui t’aide à le chercher ; porte fermée, cherche-le

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Qu’est ce que le monde spirituel ?

What is String Theory Good For (Part I)?

Imaginary Potential

This is, I guess, my foray into the bloggy string wars (or the stringy blog wars?). But not really. I just want to give you some of my brief perspectives on why string theory is kind of a big deal. This will possibly precipitate screaming and gnashing of teeth in the comments section, but whatever. It is not my intention to get into some sort of flamewar (or whatever the kids are calling it nowadays) so I probably won’t respond to any comments.

A short list of what you might think string theory is good for.

1. Nothing–unlike a lot of my colleagues, I think this is a perfectly reasonable perspective. In fact, if you had this perspective about all of particle physics, I think it also would be perfectly reasonable. In short, what we do benefits absolutely nobody. We should all probably be using our brains to search…

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Convicted sex offender becomes rabbi

The Ugly Truth

Yaakov Yitzhak Rata, who was sentenced to 16 years in prison for rape, released from jail and immediately inherits new position from his father, who died during his imprisonment

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Généralités sur l’ennéagramme

Psychologie ésotérique du yi king