HENOSOPHIA le monde spirituel

Et maintenant, homme de rien, fuis un moment tes occupations, cache-toi un peu de tes pensées tumultueuses. Rejette maintenant tes pesants soucis, et remets à plus tard tes tensions laborieuses. Vaque quelque peu à Dieu, et repose-toi quelque peu en Lui. Entre dans la cellule de ton âme, exclus tout hormis Dieu et ce qui t’aide à le chercher ; porte fermée, cherche-le

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Review: Darkness Visible by William Golding

Tongue Sophistries

A man disfigured as a boy in the fires of World War II London and a beautiful young woman represent polar opposites of a spiritual spectrum: the first a literal-minded social outcast who believes himself to be in communion with spirits and undergoes great sacrifice in order to do their bidding; and the second, a believer in chaotic chance who exploits herself and others in order to satisfy her need for autonomy.

William Golding is on a serious mission here. He is concerned with questions of judgment, morality, community, and spirituality, but he denies the possibility of easy answers. The result is a dense novel, generally difficult, sometimes entertaining, written in prose that I sometimes found to be needlessly verbose. It is an interesting book, but I did not find the main characters to be convincing as individuals so much as vehicles for the author’s explorations of the extremes of…

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